About Social Security In 30 Minutes, Volume 1

Worried about Social Security retirement benefits for yourself or a family member? Social Security In 30 Minutes, Volume 1: Retirement Benefits can help you understand the basics of Social Security retirement insurance, including eligibility, application steps, benefit amounts, and much more. Topics include:

  • How retirement benefits are calculated using work credits
  • Taxes on benefits and cost of living adjustments
  • Full retirement age (FRA), early retirement, and delayed retirement
  • Benefits for family members and survivors
  • Social Security for workers with government pensions
  • Communicating with the Social Security Administration
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Social Security scams

About Social Security In 30 Minutes, Volume 2

Millions of Americans have disabilities. Social Security SSDI and SSI benefits can help cover the loss of income that occurs due to disability. Whether you or a family member became disabled following an accident or medical emergency, or were born with a severe medical condition, Social Security In 30 Minutes, Volume 2: Disability Benefits can explain eligibility, application steps, return-to-work programs, and how to deal with documentation, appeals, and other bureaucratic processes. Other topics include:

  • Taxes on Social Security disability benefits
  • The government’s definition of “disability”
  • Best practices for dealing with red tape
  • SSDI for disabled workers and childhood disability beneficiaries
  • Benefits for family members
  • Transitioning from SSDI to retirement benefits
  • SSI resource limits and allowed assets
  • SSDI and SSI, side-by-side
  • Work incentives and subsidies, including PASS, IRWEs, and TWPs
  • SGA and reporting requirements
  • Applying for Medicaid and Medicare
  • Communicating with the Social Security Administration
  • Dealing with overpayments

Plain-English explanations and case studies. Buy it today!

I have been reading the Social Security website and searching the web for info for almost a year straight and learned the answers to everything I was looking for and more in this short read.

Ro Ochs-Scott

Excellent book that goes into the complicated and changing world of Social Security. Critical information since the rules have changed and everyone's situation is so completely different.

Joellen Sommer

The 'In 30 Minutes' series demystifies and simplifies topics that leave non-techies scratching their heads for insight, if not plain old comprehension.

Jessica Lipnack

I have found these books to be very helpful as they deal with the important items that allow one to get up and running quickly with a minimum of side issue discussion.

Dr. B. W. Langer

In my work as Co-Director of an employability program for people with disabilities, one of the biggest concerns of those we support are questions around how working will impact their Social Security benefits. This short guide is informative, well written, and chock full of easy-to-understand details about the labyrinthine benefits world.

Clinton Greaves